Taking a big jump with big data

A lot of sports are ahead of track and field when it data for improvement; basketball, football, baseball are the big names that use statistics to improve their performance. I think for a majority of others that holds true. So why is it that in track and field, a sport that relies so heavily on numbers, we don’t see many resources we can use to make some informed decisions about our events in track and field?

I can name a lot of reasons, but there is one topic that rules over all the others; money. Cash. Funds. Moola. Paper notes. I think in my opinion its has bigger influence than many think, and is why athletics . Again that is coming from my own opinion internet research, and experience as a collegiate athlete and now coach. If a sport can’t generate enough revenue for an athlete you make it their sole source of income, I can’t anyone investing time and money into hiring teams of analysts, and other people creating supplementary resources for the sport.

Looking at the problem this way and using some of my own experience from school, work, sports, and the recent pandemic that gave me some extra time in the day at home, I decided to tackle this myself. I come from an Information Systems background, so think someone who knows just enough about what it takes to make something work.

What I am trying to do

– I’ll try to answer some questions
-Find some things out
-See what schools are best
-See what schools are worst
-Most importantly figure out what we can learn from this whole ting

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