Microsoft Office 365 Fundamentals Study Guide

Deployment Options – Cloud or Local Source

  • Windows Autopilot (OOBE) – allows for easier management
  • Dynamic Provisioning – Allows you to create packages then install them over USB, NFC, Network on a user’s machine
  • Subscription Activation – From Pro to Enterprise subscriptions and can be based on a key

For Office 365 ProPlus

  • Configuration Manager – best for large scale deployments and management updates
  • Office Deployment tool (ODT) – alternative for configuration manager, and is a command line tool that allows you to install versions of Office
  • Microsoft Intune – Cloud based endpoint manager for corporate and BYOD devices
  • Direct from 365 portal (less control) – There is a lot less control through this option, but you can also create config packages
Types of Updates

The types of updates provided from Microsoft change regularly so please check their site often. Here is a link with a great breakdown.

Feature Updates – 2x a year functionality

Quality Updates – 1x a month usually 2nd Tuesday of the month

Update Channels
  • Windows Insider Program – Gets early access use insider builds to test beforehand
  • Semi Annual Channel – Receives updates twice a year
  • Long Term Servicing Channel – Only for certain devices that should remain stable 365, ProPlus not supported
Deployment Rings

The frequency and types of updates that are received from Microsoft vary based on devices and different feature updates.

Office 365 Pro Plus Updates

More details regarding Microsoft’s deployment channels can be found on their website here

  • Monthly – At least once a month
  • Semi Annual Targeted – March/Sept
  • Semi Annual – 6 months

You can distribute these updates, through Office CDN, shared folder on a network drive, SCCM, or other enterprise software deployment tool..

*As noted in the official course, there is a big push to make sure that you use pilot groups ahead of time to test out your deployments before updating your company’s machine’s.

Microsoft’s Long Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) – doesn’t support Office 365 ProPlus Desktop App, please reference Microsoft’s latest release documentation

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