Carmine and the 13th Ave Boys

This is the true story of Carmine Imbrialeย โ€“ a gambler, a brawler, a bandit, a bookie, an enforcer. For two decades, Imbriale was a street-level operative in one of the most violent crews in the Colombo Family, and he endeared himself to some of the major figures of organized crime while developing deadly disputes withContinue reading “Carmine and the 13th Ave Boys”

Microsoft Office 365 Fundamentals Study Guide

The following information was taken from the Microsoft course offered on the official Microsoft website. These are personal notes, and should be used a study guide, for reference materials, or supplemental information to your learning. Please check the Microsoft course website for the latest information and product knowledge for each of these concepts covered, asContinue reading “Microsoft Office 365 Fundamentals Study Guide”