Hey, what’s up? Hello.

Alright so you found me. You took the extra couple of minutes of your day to click that link, or type that URL into your address bar. Well here we are, and hopefully you aren’t disappointed. If you wouldn’t mind checking out the poll below that would be much appreciated. No emails, no signups, completely anonymous.

You might be asking why are you doing this? Well, I am not really sure, more so out of boredom and some data would be really cool. 🙂

So take a look around, check me out on social, or contact me if you have some stuff that you would like to sell, if you want to get married (yes I officiate weddings) or you are looking for a tour of NYC.

If you are reading this, a little two clap for you.

Well I guess this is the end of our journey together, get back out there keep swiping, maybe even tell me that you might have actually filled this out.

One last thing, if you actually are sitting at home looking at all of your stuff, and think it might be worth something.