Go!Running in New York City!

Explore New York City with local running guides!

Hey, what’s up hello! My name is Chris and I’ll be your tour guide today! We will be checking out all the sights that NYC has to offer together! We will get a great run in and feel accomplished for the day!

I have been living in the New York City area for most of my life! There is a feeling you will get once you take those first steps onto the pavement in the city never sleeps. There is something about it, that makes you never want to leave, and keep wandering around for hours on end. Luckily, I have been living in or around Manhattan for close to 10 years now, so I’ll show you around a couple of cool spots that I’ve found along my runs!

The best thing about running in the city, are the new areas, sights, and hidden spots to explore on your long runs! Long runs have always led to some new the challenges and excitement of training in the city! What you might not realize when you visit NYC, it’s one of those places that is always better with a guide!

Chris Sandoli went above and beyond and filled in whenever we needed him and has done a wonderful job developing our young pole vaulters and elevating our multi-eventers

Lance Harden

He’s definitely prepared to guide the vaulters through as much training as they need to be successful

Erison Hurtault

We met Chris for our 5K run around Central Park. Two of us were runners, one not and Chris set a forgiving pace for us, allowing our youngest member to participate but not feel too stretched. Chris was knowledgable about the park and its history, as well as knowing contemporary details about movies etc. HeContinue reading “Clare Z”

Clare Z