Thank you

You recently purchased an item from me, and decided to take it upon yourself to check out my website!

Right now I want to take the next few minutes to say thanks for buying what you did! It’s not about the money, but allowing me the opportunity to grow this side-hustle into something bigger.

Whether you are visiting because you bought something for a dollar, got a custom shirt designed for you, or contacted me directly from my website about something I had listed for sale. I just wanted to say that I appreciate you picking us because there are probably 121,000,000 million other results of that item that you searched for online.

Now, with that being said you just discovered something really cool and got yourself a nice discount before you even knew what you did. If you are reading this, you took the time to find this page and I want to extend a special offer to you.

If you find an item that you want to purchase that I have posted anywhere across the numerous shopping platforms, send me a direct message mentioning “thankyou15“! Receive up to a 15% discount, no questions asked!!

Launtch History

What started as a hobby, turned into a side-hustle that turned into a passion I guess you could call it. The constant haggling, finding a deal, and packing and shipping online, became something that intrigued me. From toys and books, to medical equipment and cars. You name it I’ve tried to sell it.

Today, I sell across all platforms on the internet. I even offer my services to others as well that includes selling a 3rd parties products on my Launtch brand, and keeping my customer’s happy. If you want to sell something, or interested in what an item might be worth shoot me a message!

Everything is always worth something to someone!

Chris Sandoli, Founder