Hey! What’s Up? Hello.

Welcome to my website. We are going to get a little personal as you navigate around to all the things that I have to offer and post up on this site. It’s a little about me, my interests, some achievements, and some other projects that I have sprinkled in. You probably came here from another social media site, maybe from a recent purchase of an item that I had listed for sale, or we met and you were just that curious to find out about me 🙂

I can’t promise that you’ll find what you are looking for here. What you will find though is a more complete picture of everything (or somewhat everything) about me as possible. You’ll find a blend of services, blog posts, professional services, things I’ve learned, projects, and other things that I’ve done across this website. I won’t be showing you the best photos, or make this into a perfect portfolio because let’s face it the design of the website is not top notch (trust me I stink at design, if you know someone who can help with WordPress send me a message!).

I have to much that I want to write here, and could go on for literally hours. So take a look around, and if you need get in touch and I’d be happy to chat more about whatever it might be. Oh, if you find something broken while on this site, shoot me a message too.

My life in 9 seconds

For those of you who have such a busy schedule…

Something to think about…

If you are not willing to look stupid, nothing great is ever going to happen to you.