Hey! What’s Up? Hello.

Welcome to my website. We are going to get a little personal as you navigate around here and check out all of the things that I post about. To create a website just to showcase my professional career in technology, or athletics would only be sharing part of all of the things that I do and have done.

I’m a firm believer that you can have many different sides in your life. A professional side, maybe a funny side, a crazy side, studious side, outgoing or introverted side etc.. I believe in complete transparency showing those that you are more than just the college went too, or job titles that you have held. I want my website to show more of a complete picture of who I am since you may always be surprised what someone is capable of doing.

I’ll share things I find interesting on here, and keep the world updated on what’s going on with me (trying to get better at posting a bit more frequently on here). You see there’s a lot that I love to do; fiddling with the latest technology, apps, or messing around with some personal projects. Recently I’ve started to seriously train for endurance events, apply my coaching skills in group fitness & track and field, checking out some new interesting reads on my bookshelf, sharing whatever comes to mind on the blog, and selling items online.

You probably came here from another social media site, a job application, or trying to find me on the internet. So, I can’t promise that you’ll find what you are looking for on here, but take this chance to really, #gettoknowme.