Get To Know Me

What do you do?

Well, there’s a-lot of skills and trades that I have learned over the past couple of years. I’ve garnered this knowledge from school, doing odd jobs, experimenting with different techniques of doing things, reworking processes, questioning why, and building stuff from scratch. I’ve learned a ton, and never really had a place to showcase it all, or pass what I’ve learned onto others…

So I created this page to try and give you more of a holistic taste of me. Many of these started as a hobby or just side projects, but led me to other avenues in life. I firmly believe that you should do as much as you can in this life. Say yes, to as many things that you (reasonably) can. Leverage the skills you learn from one experience and translate those to another.

What I can do for you!

Below are just a few of the things that I’ve done. They are hobbies, jobs, and services that I wanted to show you! I decided to make dedicated pages to some of these for the main reasons of either;
I want you to check it out! OR Maybe I can help you with a project or gig!

There’s so much more that I will be adding here, as I create each page trying to highlight some of these things that I’m interested in. So check back every now and then to see what I am up too! Or check out the blog.

I’ll build you an app!

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Check out some of the latest apps that I’ve built! All applications listed here have been created and built by me, for personal use. I’ll help you build your own, or build one for your small business!

Wedding Officiant

What started as an emergency plan because of the pandemic, turned into something that I loved doing for my friends and family! I’m legally licensed to perform marriages in all 50 states, so make sure that you have an officiant booked for your wedding.

Go!Running with Me

Ever been to New York City? Do you like to run or walk? Did you ever want to explore a new city with an experienced guide? Well, check out the tours we offer!

Sell your stuff

A real passion and true hobby of mine since I was in high school was selling stuff. After selling just about everything available of my own


After learning about process design in college, product management in my full-time career, track and field, and keeping up with the latest online low-code builders I always felt like I could give back.
That’s why I started tutoring virtually. Subjects ranging from basic computer literacy, Microsoft Office tips and tricks, programming and analytics lessons, and even help with understanding Scrum as well. If any of this sounds like something that you can use some help with, or maybe someone you know book a session with me!