Get To Know Me

Where do I start?

Well, there’s a-lot of skills and trades that I have learned over the past couple of years. I’ve garnered this knowledge from school, doing odd jobs, experimenting with different techniques of doing things, reworking processes, questioning why, and building stuff from scratch. I’ve learned a ton, and never really had a place to showcase it all, or pass what I’ve learned onto others…

So I created this website to try and give you more of a holistic picture of me. Many things that I share here either started as a hobby or were just side projects, but led me to other

I’ve applied all of my experiences at every job that I have held, and used it to better my next one. I think there’s a value in taking the skills you learn at one place, and applying them in a completely different industry.

I firmly believe that you should do as much as you can in life. Say yes, to as many things that you (reasonably) can and diversify your skillset. Leverage the skills you learn from one experience and translate those to another, to make yourself a valuable asset.

You’ll never know where that “yes” might take you, the people you’ll meet, and what you could learn from a completely different experience.

Product Development

I’ve been lucky enough to establish myself in the technology world, learning and applying skills from my experience as a developer, and focusing on product that consumers actually want.


Chris at columbia

I really wouldn’t be where I am today without athletics, specifically pole-vault. The discipline that I learned through the sport, friends I’ve made, and opportunities it’s created for me has been one of the biggest reasons that I ended up where I am today.

I’ll build you an app!

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Looking for someone to help optimize your business processes? Contact me and I’ll work with you to optimize your business and find a software solution that may fit your needs!

Wedding Officiant

What started as an emergency plan because of the pandemic, turned into a little hobby for my friends and family!

I’m legally licensed to perform marriages in all 50 states, so make sure that you have an officiant booked for your wedding.

Go!Running with Me

Ever been to New York City? Do you like to run or walk? Did you ever want to explore a new city with an local guide? Well, you came to the right place!!

Sell your stuff

A real passion and true hobby of mine since I was in high school was selling stuff. After selling just about everything available I own, I can help sell your stuff too!


Taking in all of my experiences from my time as a student athlete, coach, and technology professional I wanted to give back. So I started tutoring virtually for many school subjects, ranging from basic computer literacy to business development courses.

Pole-vaulter. Half-marathoner. Scrum Master. Product Owner. Creator. Software developer. 90’s kid. Spider-Man fan. Crossroper. Coach. Avid recycler. Group Fitness Instructor. Certified Personal trainer. Early Adopter. uTester Founder. Figure-it-out-er. Comic-book reader. Seller. Tech enthusiast. Do-it-yourself-er. Store brand over Brand Name. Android user. Prefers Bing over Google (I know). The Sopranos > Breaking Bad > The Wire. Walmart & eBay > Amazon.

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