Personality Insight Report

Being back on the job market in 2023 brings a ton of challenges, but also a ton of great changes and insights to how things operate when interviewing candidates at scale. The following insight report is derived from multiple interviews that I participated in for an IT consulting company, used to evaluate a candidates personality and capability in a position.

You will be able to check out my latest report below generated by Lumen Technologies. The following report was generated based solely on personally recorded interviews. Lumen, was able to generate a few assumptions using only natural language, and provide me with an outside perspective of myself.

“Where did these results come from?

Our team of experts develops scientifically validated assessments that evaluate skills needed for the job and help reduce bias. We generated text from the audio in your interview and evaluated it. This, in combination with the games you played, were used to discover your unique qualifications.

Read through your report to see insights and results for each skill that would lead to success in this role.”

Lumen Technologies
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Working with People

“Working with People” describes how you approach building relationships and interacting with others in a work context.

You communicate in a clear and convincing manner and are able to tailor your message to different audiences.

Keep in mind that others may get bogged down if you provide too much information at once—be sure to check for understanding!

You understand how to organize and manage the time, resources, and efforts of yourself and others within the context of broader tasks, projects or situations.

Be sure to break down this information for others so they can also see the bigger picture and their role in it.

You successfully build and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with others to strengthen your knowledge and effectiveness.

Continue to build on your relationships and proactively identify opportunities to connect with others.