Investing in real estate has never been easier.

If you don’t know about Fundrise already you’re missing out. This is one of the best and most transparent investment opportunities that I have been a part of. Through the use of crowdfunding, I’ve been able to own over 100 projects in my portfolio. While each completed project year over year has generated my portfolio with an average return of 8%! I’ve been using Fundrise since 2017, and have seen my portfolio grow ever since with re-invested dividends and new projects for low-income, senior, vacation, and suburban housing projects. Despite the pandemic, the 2020 housing market was the strongest since 2006 (

Paired with a sleek mobile app, and easy to use dashboards Fundrise helps you expand your personal investments across multiple real-estate opportunities.

  1. They have a team of investors that do all the research and investing for you!
  2. Fundrise investors are arguably able to own real property in a more low-cost way than was previously ever possible, through crowd-funding!
  3. Fundrise is completely transparent with your portfolio. Breaking your portfolio down through assets, projects, and locations!
  4. They send you monthly emails with updates on each one of your projects, and why they invested in that property.
  5. They offer 3 different levels on investment depending on your own amount of funds!

Click here to learn more about Fundrise and get started today!

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