An Ugly Truth

This one was a doozy. Tech. Politics. Great story.

I’ll say it I don’t know if Mark Zuckerberg is a lizard or not. I think he is just so far ahead of his time, that he shouldn’t have to deal with all press that comes his way. An Ugly Truth plays into the politics, some scandals, and I think portrays Mark in a negative light. I mean he created something that was so amazing (guy literally created the NEWSFEED, and turned it on 100% for everyone who used the site. No tests, nothing). I think everyone who uses Facebook is to blame slightly because you are willingly signing up for the service. The scandals, data breaches and everything else, well I think is part of the risk.

I don’t think that Mark should be the voice or the person to determine what’s good, bad, morale, or allowed to be posted and dictate that for the world. That’s not his job, but unfortunately any decision he makes can’t go unnoticed.

This book overall I couldn’t really put it down. It took me about a week to finish it, reading a couple chapters after work each day. It was pretty interesting to hear some tales of the early days of the company, the decisions that were made on certain features, and what influences helped shaped the company. Again another solid book if you are interested in anything technology. My only gripe was that it did get into politics a bit much, but other than that it was a solid book.

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