Achilles Prehab and Warmup routine

So this year there’s been some trouble with my Achilles mainly due to either packing on too many miles during the week, that my body isn’t ready for, or not getting enough recovery. Either way I had this trouble back in August 2022, and it flared up again in January of 2022, setting back some training for the upcoming half-marathons I had planned.

After doing some internet research, and putting together a plan of action, I compiled a routine that’s been able to get me back on track and keep me relatively healthy as I go through training. Check it out below.

Prehab and Running Warmup

You’ll want to only perform this 2-3x per week, when you first start out. Keep that same frequency for the first 2-3 weeks until you no longer get pain before, during, or after your runs. Once you get strong enough, and your calf muscles begin to loosen up increase the frequency depending on your running schedule to 3-4 times per week.

*you shouldn’t be trying to max out weights, but rather use your bodyweight for all of these exercises*

ExerciseSetRep or Time
Ankle Circles130 secs each foot
Med Ball Slams110 reps
Lying Straight Leg Raise220 seconds each
Side-lying leg raise220 seconds each
Opposite Arm and Opposite Leg Balance160 seconds
Calf Raise212 reps
Calf Stretch into Soleus Stretch230 seconds
Step-Ups212 total
Lateral Band Walks230 secs each
Single Leg Eccentric Drill230 seconds
Ankle Dorsiflexion with mini-band230 seconds each leg
Alternating Dumbbell Lunge112 total
Hamstring Stretch11 minute
Quad Stretch11 minute
Plank145 seconds

Post Run and Cool Down Exercises

The below routine has been useful after mid to long runs to make sure that I properly cool down, and adds in a layer of low-impact resistance training to help build up the muscles around the ankle and lower body.

I recommend adding this into your post-run workout, and aiming to complete this 2-3x per week as you progress.

ExerciseSetsRep or Time
Static Lunge Stretch230 seconds each side
Single Leg RDL210 reps each side
Side lying Leg Raise410 reps each side
Single Leg Leg Press65 reps each side
Banded Hip Extension410 reps

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