The Boys Omnibus Vol 1

If you like the show and don’t like to read comics, that’s okay as you’ll not miss anything here. The show takes themes, but actually creates a better storyline that what I read. It was hard to follow, but exciting as you never knew what panels were going to show up on the next page. From naked heroes, heroes in therapy, or those looking to cover up their tracks to keep their perception with the public. It’s all there, but stick to the show if you aren’t a huge superhero fan, but if you are I think it’s worth a read.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

The Boys

Omnibus Vol. 1

So I thought that I would end up loving the comic as much as the Amazon show, The Boys. Turns out not so much. The Boys, comic series however, answers and portrays superheroes in a reality where these heroes are just like me and you. They are people and have desires and are not all perfect.

That’s what draws you into the comic, the violence, language, and sexual themes. It answers a ton of questions that I always had as a kid like, “what do these heroes do in their off time”, or thoughts like, “not every hero is what he is cracked up to be”. There is no holding back in this franchise lemme tell ya. They make sure to tackle depression, addiction, pornography, and relationships through every lens in every superhero.

I personally found it refreshing to not hold back, (granted this comic was written in a different time period well before 2023), and explore just what would superheroes be like if they were corporatized and imperfect just like us humans.

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