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What you’ll find below are links to various projects that I have worked on either in school, maybe professionally, and personally. You’ll find automations, software apps, and other solutions that I created for mainly my everyday life over the years. Within each project page I will try to explain the project, give some context, and even tell you exactly how it was created.

So go ahead and explore, but some of these projects I am working on updating the documentation below (or even adding it here)! Check back regularly for some more updates!


The Pole-Vault Companion

What if there was an app, that tracked your grip, steps, poles, and everything else pole-vault related?

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Park Explorer

I developed this as an ode to one of my first jobs in the County Parks department. Seeing that there is a missing gap between nature, and the modern world I wanted to create a better way with your local Parks & Rec department.

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Personal Training Log

I was always tired of looking on my phone, saving various workouts to a cloud storage app, or having to write everything down in a notebook. I wanted something that I could easily program new workouts, and personalize to my liking!

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Federal Fundring Data

Competing teams engage in the art and science of decision-making as well as practice their ability to draw business insight from a comprehensive analysis of relevant data.

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