North Hudson Tunnel


Project Management courses were one of the many graduate courses taken during my time at Stevens. We covered topics that were not exclusive to construction, hardware, or software projects, but rather covered principles and frameworks to lead a successful project.

Shown below was my team’s final project that consisted of our presentation given to our class. We were tasked with coming up with an idea for a project that we ourselves would lead. This would encompass any and all scoping, estimating budgets, time, planned start dates, milestones, and resources. Our idea was to create a new tunnel that would go from New Jersey into New York City.

Construction of the New North Hudson Tunnel

The main idea for this project was proposed during the semester since all of us were living in New Jersey and commuting into New York City for work. As anyone who does this commute from the southern end of the Lincoln tunnel knows just how congested this gets on any given day. So we wanted to see what it might take to create a new tunnel. Included with this presentation was a full 64 page project outline describing more in detail how we would go about approaching this.

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