Product Development Interview Assessments

The following scenarios are outlined assignments given to me during interviews for a product development position at various. To keep the confidentiality of each assignment, any company specific or related names have been removed. Subsequently, any final answers have been removed as plain text on this page. If you wish to review some of the answers given for each of these scenarios, please contact me directly.

Improving The Customer Experience

This assessment aims to give candidates an opportunity to demonstrate their analytical, critical thinking, and communication skills.

You are the Product Manager of a mapping and data visualization web application in the real estate industry, specifically in the multi-family market. Your product aims to disrupt the industry, drive technology innovation, and provide an exceptional user experience to apartment renters everywhere. You are part of a team that includes: Leadership, Operations, UX research, UI design, Engineering, and QA, in addition to Product Management.


  • External Customer: “I paid a significant amount of money to a third-party video and 360 tours company to come to my brand new property. I have a huge library of videos and 360 tours for some of my units (penthouses and a few model units per floor plan) and all the property amenities, located on the first 5 levels and the top floor. I need a way to easily link all of these and show them to my potential residents on my SightMap.”
  • Internal Stakeholder: “Sure. We’d want to accommodate this for the customer, however, we are resource-constrained. Can we avoid a manual upload? How does this work at scale?”


  • Examples of questions you would ask to gain clarity on the request/problem.
  • A clearly defined and actionable PRD. Include an MVP description, if that aligns with your strategy and vision.
  • A well-written issue/story for the UX and/or Engineering teams.
  • A written example of how you would manage the communication of this feature with the internal stakeholder and product leadership teams.

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