Federal Reserve Bank Of New York

Automating a New Hire Process

Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Project Duration
12 Months

Software Developer

Skills & Applications
SharePoint, Microsoft SQL Server, Office Suite, Javascript, CSS, HTML

I was initially brought onto the Federal Reserve Bank of New York within the IT department. I was hired to be apart of the SharePoint development team to help with a new deployment and onboarding process that would be implemented across the organization. We set out to recreate the entire onboarding process for new hires over the course of a year. This included identifying what department an employee was joining, scheduling an initial installation with our IT support staff, and ensuring the correct programs were installed on the user’s new machine.

Using the applications at our disposal as a contractor at the Federal Reserve we built an automated process for a new hire to access our intranet site to configure their deployment, schedule their initial onboarding setup, and create a process to easily update required programs for a certain department.