Product Delivery Lead

While my time at Fundrise was limited, I was apart of the first delivery team at Fundrise. Our main impact was overseeing the delivery of any project with our Product Growth work stream. We were involved in every aspect of our software development process including sprint plannings, daily scrums, iterating on the collaborative process within our delivery team, establishing best practices for development, testing, and releases. We coordinated new product feature releases across multiple departments, and worked to standardize our processes across our groups that included project requests, Jira process automations, and I was involved heavily with establishing the first guidelines for our internal testing guidelines.

Dashboard Redesign

This dashboard redesign included a large redesign which combined our ‘Portfolio’ and ‘Performance’ tabs for investors on our mobile and desktop sites.

During the software development of this project, I was primarily responsible for facilitating conversations across development teams and product, grooming our product backlog, planning estimated delivery milestones, and creating our product acceptance testing plan prior to release using Zephyr Scale.

I was the primary point of contact leading our testing and execution efforts across our delivery team. Identifying test cases, creating test reports, helping execute on test cycles, and addressing any internal product feedback prior to our release. The testing plan I created for each of our features included step by step test cases, test users, and instructions for reporting bugs for each test execution. We provided builds to our internal team’s at different points in development to test against UI/UX, functionality, performance issues, and different platform behaviors.

Profile and Settings Redesign

Working with our product and design team, we completely overhauled our profile and settings navigation on our mobile and desktop app for our investors. After working through numerous iterations, and user testing groups we were able to categorize our settings into a more digestible format for the investor to find what they were looking for.

I coordinated with product, design, and engineering to establish our project milestones and estimated delivery dates. Following our approved scope I worked with product to establish our product acceptance criteria for our end-to-end navigation on mobile and desktop applications using Zephyr Scale.

Story Update Functionality

Finding a new trend for investors to receive and read important updates about their portfolio, our team built and in-house “story” feature functionality. Allowing our users to tap through important updates in a quick mobile friendly format.

I lead the facilitation and collaboration during the development process with engineering teams to build a valuable feature to comply with product and marking needs. Additionally, I helped define user test cases with engineering and product for pre and post launch versions.

Growth Calculator

Led the efforts across our investor product engineering teams to develop a feature for our investors to project hypothetical returns based on monthly investment amounts.

Working with the product team we established some of the first structured test cycles and practices. Iterating on our testing practices within our delivery team, documenting valid bug reports, and test execution results.

Process Automation

Helped optimize our processes within our delivery team by leveraging the different tools at our disposal. These included, Whimsical, Slack, Confluence, Jira, and the Google Suite of products.

Working with our teams, I constantly iterated on automating and standardizing our processes for meetings, ticket organization & automated workflows, and standardized project request templates within Confluence. I was the SME for a tool that our company introduced called, Zephyr Scale, which we begun to trial within our organization and delivery teams.