I was responsible for ensuring that our entire product line for our Broadsoft platform was able to deliver on our clients needs. This meant ensuring that our product roadmap and vision was in-line with business directives. Working in the B2B space, we were always evolving our processes to provision devices at a greater scale, provide custom solutions, and maintain and support legacy systems.

During my tenure I was primarily responsible as the SME on our automated provisioning services under the Broadsoft platform for our company. Utilizing our low code platform Outsystems, we built the solutions needed to inventory, order, and provision every device to a customer’s special requirements for each order. This process was used to deliver the company’s POTS Transformation services along with numerous other applications after our initial launch.

Roles & Responsibilities

One of the simplest ways to envision what my role was at MetTel is that of a Product Owner. Ensuring that our product goals were met, plans were developed, and any other product features were prioritized and delivered.

Some of my other responsibilities included;
– System & Process Design
– Understanding requirements with third party vendor API’s
– Sprint and Backlog Management
– Technical Documentation, Troubleshooting, and Support
– Product Acceptance Testing
– Creating User Stories and Software Delivery Optimization
– Collaborated with UI/UX designers and other departments to create holistic systems
– Communicating project plans and facilitating scrum with internal and external stakeholders

Systems Design

2019 / System Design for Hardware and Software Automation

I was heavily involved in every piece of our entire system design coordinating with our architects, developers, and stakeholders to make sure that our solution met the business need.

Above is just one sample of the complex processes that my team and I developed.

Ranging from new orders for businesses, custom solutions, returns/exchanges of equipment and more. All of these systems were built from the ground up, and integrated with other legacy applications in our system.

API and 3rd Party Technical Documentation

A significant amount of time of my primary responsibilities involved communication with our external vendors for DIDs, and other technical documentation. After understanding our business use cases, and recovering approval for a 3rd service that we can use to call an API, I would draft up our basic approach for the application design. This included designing our automated processes around the fields of information that were exposed to us, and developing new API’s to create the information that we needed.

Jira Automation, Ownership, and Documentation

Responsible for product backlog ownership, project management, and sprint planning

Helped optimize our processes within our software development team. As the product owner I was responsible for managing our teams sprints and backlogs, translating all of our business knowledge into workable user stories for our development team and manage project timelines. By leveraging different SaaS tools we were able to document and was team by leveraging the different tools at our disposal. These included, Slack, Confluence, Jira, and the Microsoft Office Suite.

I constantly iterated on automating and standardizing our processes for meetings, ticket organization and workflows, and other templates Confluence.

Product Acceptance Testing and Support

Due to the lean nature of our team size, I along with my development team took on most of the responsibilities of testing our updates. Prior to internal release, we established our own development environments and tests before each release to our production environment.

Since all features were developed on a rather quick basis, we had to play the role as a support group during any production errors to our warehouse, or other onsite technicians. This included drafting up our documentation for our code base, and holding weekly Q&A sessions with other departments in the company who were involved in our entire process.