Clare Z

We met Chris for our 5K run around Central Park. Two of us were runners, one not and Chris set a forgiving pace for us, allowing our youngest member to participate but not feel too stretched. Chris was knowledgable about the park and its history, as well as knowing contemporary details about movies etc. He gave us time to stop and take photos with great views, as well as showing us interesting paths around the park. It is such a different way to have a tour, and yet also exciting and fun. Chris is reliable, contacting us frequently in the lead up to the run, including weather reports etc, punctual – he was early and in an easy meeting place, and friendly – he was very friendly and also emailed again afterwards to check in that we were okay and if we had further questions he could help with during the trip. Highly recommend – do it, even if not runners. You can always have a big breakfast after like we did!