Tableau Desktop Certification Specialist Practice

All right, so I decided to just write this blog post after trying to study for the tableau desktop certification specialist exam. There were actually no practice tests or help for exam guides, but they were a ton of videos across YouTube, Udemy, and LinkedIn that I watched and reviewed. 

Just for some context here, I’ve always kind of managed my work through school, personal projects, and everything else through the same way. I usually absorb as much information as I can across so many different sources, taking notes down live while I’m taking the course or class, and then transferring them onto a computer. So what you’re seeing here below is going to be just some of my short hand notes 

I figure there’s actually probably a lot of a need for it, since there were a ton of videos trying to give helpful information about this topic. Some other sites were sketchy, or hidden behind a paywall. 

Take everything below with a grain of salt because these are my own personal notes that I’m just sharing out to the Internet to see if there’s actually some interest, and maybe it might help someone while studying for the test.  

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