What is it?

So I heard about this through Tik-Tok. Not gonna lie here, it came up during some clip talking about what Ikigai is. It’s this intersection point between;

  • What your good at
  • What your passions are
  • What you can be paid for
  • What the world needs

This is the book that all of the clips on the internet references. It dives into this trip to Japan to get a real understanding why so many people over in this part of Japan in this village live to be older than 85+ years old.

It was a pretty eye opening book, and had me thinking to some of my own family members. Now will there be stuff in here that is going to completely shock you? Maybe. I say it like that because there are some contradictory points in here, or many common norms that we grew up with, that this older generation does, and guess what they are happy and carefree.

It’s a quick read, and pretty useful since you can take much of what is talked about in this book and start doing it while you read.

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