Bring your workouts into the Cloud

Earlier this year I started to go through and document some of the little apps and processes that I have created. This is the first entry in that series, as I begin to document each of these projects up on my site.

I created this app last summer using Google’s Appsheet program. It was acquired by Google back in 2020 and became apart of Google’s Cloud services to give you a sense of just how good this service really is. The following project documentation linked below, contains the rest of the details for this custom app I built.

I talk about some of the background, usages, and considerations when I went through creating it. If you follow along, you should be able to set your own copy up, or comment on this post for any questions.

Personal Training Notebook

Create your own personal gym notebook using @appsheet
! Check out some of my recent write up of a #project I did back in the summer! #fitness #gym #appsheet #developer #google #mobileapps

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