What is Skunk Works?

Skunk Works

Skunk Works

Skunks Works by Ben R. Rich is a book that dives deep into the story of the development of our air stealth technology, and all of the other numerous projects going on over at Lockheed. SkunkWorks was a small department of Lockheed Martin, that worked on the next advances for the US Government in secret.

Ben tells this story as his time as the Director of Skunk Works for over 20+ years, and successor to Kelly Johnson. He talks about his projects, management issues with the government, and gives a lengthy ode to Kelly Johnson during one chapter of the book. The management issues that he points out for almost a full chapter of bureaucracy issues with the US government are to eerily similar of companies of today. Aside from his time in Skunk Works, scattered throughout each chapter are diary entries written by test pilots of their projects, agents, or other high ranking officials in office at the time telling their sides of the story.

Throughly engrossing read if you are interested in technology and military aviation

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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