2022 Running Recap

Alright so I know that we are 3 months into the new year, but I was hit with some ideas and found this draft that I never published at the start of 2023. I don’t know if it was because I’m in a good mood because Macklemore’s new album just came out, I had to run a slow 10k in Las Vegas, or that I haven’t been able to run as much I would have liked in the past 10 weeks. Whatever the case I figured now would be the time to write this.

Selfishly this post is for me the more that I write and think about it. Not being able to run for most of the year has put me into a funk, and stumbling onto this post, that I never finished, had me thinking about a few things that I learned. So maybe it’ll help someone who comes across this.

The year that was. I hit a personal best in just about every event that I normally train for;

  • Running Personal Bests
    • 1 Mile – 5:35
    • 5k – 19:25
    • 5 mile – 32:29
    • 10k – 42:39
    • Half Marathon – 1:35:23
    • Total Distance – 1,500 miles

I also had a big year in total miles and hit 1,500 miles right before new years, so things were looking up for 2023. I had a bit of a nagging achilles injury around the time when I ran my PB in the 5 mile, and came back to stay at the end of year. (At the point in time that I am writing this, it’s still there, more painful than ever before. Once I run the UA Half marathon, there is going to be some resetting and rest for 2023.) Since I started taking running seriously in 2020, every year has only gotten better with every run and race. Sitting here writing this, with a bit of a bleak outlook, at-least for the near future is a bit depressing. Jotting down a couple of pointers for anyone starting their running journey or fitness journey make sure that you take a minute to at least read the headers.

  1. Listen to your body
  2. Stretch and Recover
  3. Choose your shoes wisely
  4. Run with Intent
  5. Focus on Progression
  6. Crosstrain. Crosstrain. Crosstrain.

Listen to your body

Now take this within reason, but your body is a pretty big indicator with how you feel in the morning or throughout the day if you are tired, sore, or need some time off. I say “within reason” because you want to be sore and tired, on a bit of a consistent basis because if you are training for performance you need to break those barriers, and your thresholds to improve your fitness level. You need to establish certain periods where you push yourself, and then taper off to allow your body to recover.

Stretch and Recover

Same idea as the first point, but one thing that I just haven’t done enough of is – stretching and recovering.

Choose your shoes wisely

I think one of the biggest improvements year over year, is not only the running shoe technology improving each year, but taking the choice of shoes more seriously. I’ve gone through a few different brands now, and almost at a dozen pairs of running shoes. Every couple of months your different. Your running style changes, maybe your hurt, maybe your faster, or you have a race. You don’t need the top of the line shoes in your closet, but having 2 pairs to rotate keeps things fresh and focused.

Depending on your run that you have each day you I believe that you should have intention. So having a shoe that’s more plush and one that’s built for a track workout will make all the difference in your training.

Run with Intent

This one kinda falls in line with the whole recovery theme. However, try to have a plan each day with each run that you do. Now, going out there just to run when you start is a great way to start. When you take things more serious and want to up your game. Pick a plan. Pick anyone that you can stick with, whether it’s the BAA training, a walk-run method, or a couch to 5k plan. Having something to hold you accountable and focus on what you are going to do will make your training progress so much faster.

Focus on Progression

I preach this the most, and sometimes this is the one thing that I am the most stubborn on. Hindsight is always 2020. When it comes to anything in the world of athletics, I preach progressions. We want you to have a continuous steady rate of growth. That means small incremental steps to reach your goals week after week.

Run 1 mile, then 1 more the next day. Next week try to run 2 and build up your base.

Crosstrain. Crosstrain. Crosstrain.

*update 3/6/2023*

I’ll say it one more time for myself and everyone else around me, crosstrain. Aside from the benefits of crosstraining and working different muscle groups etc.. Adding some variability and giving your running muscles a rest, is one of the best things to do. Now I have gone against my own advice when I should have and that’s why I am writing this down now. It’s ok if you need a break for a week or two. Keep your fitness levels up through numerous other cardiovascular activites like; biking, hiking, walking, the stair master, elliptical, rowing, battle ropes, and even some HIIT style weight training workouts.

I think overtraining is what led to a few injuries to start off 2023, so I’m making a bit of a promise to myself to try to remain healthy by adding in some more variability as the months go on.

Running recap for 2022. Listen, recover, repeat.

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