First Half Marathon Training Cycle of 2023

Looking ahead into 2023 and coming off of some slight injury and good performance from the United Half. The first cycle of 2023 is going to consist of rebuilding and base strength phases. Additionally with some of my new years resolutions, I am going to add some variety to work on muscle groups that typically haven’t been touched by some of my other programming.

That includes adding some days dedicated to stretching, circuit/HIIT training, kettlebells, yoga, and the bike. I think adding the combination of all of these should help overall increase general endurance, and eliminate a lot of the repetitive problems that occur after these long running and lifting cycles.

Cycle Framework

The way that I create each of these training cycles is based around a framework. Ideally anyone who checks out this post, feel free to take any ideas, methods, or leave any comments for some of the training I am posting here. Full details I don’t think I’ll get around to adding here, since they change day by day, depending on how I am feeling injuries etc.. The basic concept are major themes of each day, and how many days a week of a type of exercise it will be done.

  • Consistency – I think just speaking about consistency with running and everything else. This also means taking advantage of rest days, and taking days lighter than others when needed to keep up with this 12 week training cycle.
  • Running Program – I’ll be following the BAA Lvl Two program again since it’s given some good results in the past. Level Three was a bit to much running and mileage for my body at that point
  • Core – There is a core strength roadmap that I took from M&S to change up the first 4 weeks of core reps that I typically do. The program that I am following is the 4 week core strength roadmap. It’s not a long set of workouts, but it does provide a solid group of exercises with a good amount of volume, again to build a good foundation.
  • Stretching – Overall trying to do better with this, since I was out of commission for a few weeks. I’ll be following the many recovery routines that F45 provides in their app.
  • Circuit Training – For circuit training I’ll be using the F45 training app and in-class workouts for days for circuit training.
  • Cross-training – The only cross training here (separate from the circuit style workouts) is going to be the bike. It’ll keep aerobic fitness, and bring me closer to maybe working on a tri one day.

Phase 1 – Weeks 1 – 4

The first phase of this cycle is going to be a two week build period. I’ll be adding in some more circuit training and classes, mixed with some really basic strength based lifts. These are your typical power-lifts; deadlift, bench, deadlift, squat, and other row variations.

The lift program will consist of 3-4 days a week following×5-novice-workout program.

Additionally, alternating each day we’ll aim to complete either 50 push-ups or 50 reps of core exercises, so the Core Strength Roadmap, as mentioned above will count towards that count.

Running will still follow the program.

Phase 2 – Weeks 3 – 12

After the first two weeks I am going to be heading into the BAA program full steam, and get running mileage back to ~20 miles a week. We’ll be focusing on more rest days here, lower calories, and taking more rest when needed. The past few times I’ve run through this BAA program, I tended to over due running and the mix of other workouts, that had a negative affect in training progress.

** The following phase for weeks 2-12 will be updated here**

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