Dating Playbook For Men

Maybe it will help give you some date ideas, or other ways to break the ice if you are starting to talk with someone. More power to you if you act on the advice in here^

Rating: 2 out of 5.

The Dating Playbook For Men

Alright so I am going to stick to my real life bookshelf here. I am pretty open-minded individual, and what was purchased, in what I believe was for a gag bday gift, I was going to read it through.

So my entire impression for this book – Andrew has some anger problems and just needs to ease it a bit. I get this book is tailored towards guys who are struggling getting into relationships. I get it, it just comes off as pretty aggressive in my opinion. He also just seems to be very angry at himself before he developed this system.

I do think the material is fairly straight forward, but reading this book isn’t going to solve the problem it was created for i.e. the person reading has to go do it. (Now totally not saying that I don’t need the book, or that I do)

It’s filled with some common social interactions, ideas, things that this guy did to just start talking to women. It’s nothing ground breaking here, but just some one to help build your confidence and show you that it is possible to get the girl of your dreams etc..

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