For those pole-vaulters who might be reading this or the title you know exactly what I am talking about. It’s that notebook that you take with you to every jumps practice. Maybe you take it to your lift sessions, class, home, work, school, or anywhere else. It’s the book that you take with you to meets so you can look back at some of your progress, and what poles you’ll need for the next time.

I think at this point everyone knows that track and field doesn’t have the popularity as many other sports like basketball, football, baseball, or soccer. Especially the event of pole-vault is a small community of us, where we are looking to better ourselves with whatever technology we can everyday. So it got me thinking, in this day and age, “Why don’t we have an app for that?”. That’s what I am setting out to do here. A pole-vault notebook for the digital world.

Designed by a pole-vaulter. Created for pole-vaulters.

What to learn more? Stay tuned for more to come on this product roadmap below. I’ll go into detail from the business, product, and technical side of this undertaking. Hopefully, this project will gain some traction and I can get some feedback from the vault community.

What’s most important is that all of this will be completely transparent, and updates posted regularly (kind of).

Buy Me A Coffee

If you liked what you read so far you can help support this venture, by donating below. All proceeds are going to go into furthering this project as much as I can from. Including other requires services, applications, hardware & software, and extra cashflow to invest more into this application. I have some plans as well to hopefully expand this and be able to pay some smarter minds than myself to create a team to bring this application to life.

Filling the gap on what’s been missing in the #polevault community! A mobile #vaultnotebook application #trackandfield #track #jumpersworld #jumps #vault #pv

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