We’ve Moved!

As this project has started development, it has moved to a better suited home! Check out my other site relating to all things pole-vault, and for any other updates on this app!

(doing my best to actually give msome more updates)

Head over to The Pole-Vault Companion to learn more!

Check out some related pole-vault content!

If you liked what you read so far you can help support this venture, by donating below. All proceeds are going to go into furthering this project as much as I can from. Including other requires services, applications, hardware & software, and extra cashflow to invest more into this application. I have some plans as well to hopefully expand this and be able to pay some smarter minds than myself to create a team to bring this application to life.

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Filling the gap on what’s been missing in the #polevault community! A mobile #vaultnotebook application #trackandfield #track #jumpersworld #jumps #vault #pv

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