Microsoft Office 365 Fundamentals Study Guide

Compliance Tools in 365

There are 3 Pillars of compliance for 365

To help with the following 3 pillars Microsoft. offers the Service Trust Portal for their enterprise clients to help manage, administer, and utilize functions for their organization

  • Assess the risk of data
  • To protect and govern data
  • Respond to data discovery requests

Service Trust Portal – is a cloud service portal that protects your data and manages data security and compliance for your organization. This contains the following applications;

  • Compliance Manager – Now Purview Compliance Manager that helps manage your organization’s multi cloud compliance requirements with greater ease and convience by taking inventory of your data protection risks and staying up with current regulations
  • Trust Documents – files that are trusted by enabling active content in them
  • Regional Compliance – Microsoft provides a knowledge base of compliance policies for many regions found here
  • Privacy – Retention Labels (these help you label and retain what information you need and what you can delete)

Managing Licenses in 365

The admin center is where you accomplish licensing administrative actions, and can turn on/off functions for users. You can reassign licenses, and also complete billing actions here.

  • Fast track – FastTrack helps customers deploy Microsoft cloud solutions
  • O365 Assistant – Helps with issues by running tests on various Microsoft programs
  • Premier Support – Associated with larger teams and gets a dedicated support contact

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